10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Royalty-Free Music for Your Video

Expert Advice for Enhancing the Emotional Impact of Your Video with Carefully Selected Music

Date: 2023-04-22    |    Author: FSM Team

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Royalty-Free Music for Your Video
Photo: Pexels

Creating a great video is a multi-layered process that involves various elements which work together to create a captivating story. One crucial component of this process is choosing the right music to accompany your visuals. The right music can add depth, emotion, and energy to your video. Choosing the wrong one can ruin your ideas. In this article, we will share ten important tips for choosing the perfect royalty-free music for your video.

1. Consider the mood of your video:
The mood of your video should dictate the type of music you choose. If your video is dark or serious, you should choose a more subdued track with a slower tempo. If your video is energetic and lively, you should select a track with a faster tempo and a more upbeat feel.

2. Think about the genre of your video:
The genre of your video should also define your music choice. If you're making a travel video, for example, you might want to choose music that has an international or ethnic feel. If you're making a sports video, you might choose music that is more rock or pop-oriented.

3. Pay attention to the tempo:
The tempo of your music should match the pace of your video. If your video is fast-paced, you should choose music with a fast tempo to match. If your video is slower, you should choose music with a slower tempo.

4. Keep it simple:
The music you choose should not be too distracting or overwhelming. You don't want the music to take over the video or distract from the visuals.

5. Look for music with a build:
When choosing music, look for tracks that build up to a crescendo. This will add energy and excitement to your video.

6. Choose music that fits the length of your video:
If your video is short, you should choose a shorter track. If your video is longer, you can choose a longer track with multiple sections, or several tracks which are similar in sounding.

7. Consider the instrumentation:
The instrumentation of your music should match the mood and genre of your video. If you're making a nature video, you might choose music with a lot of acoustic guitar and piano. If you're making a sci-fi video, you might choose music with electronic sounds.

8. Use a reputable music library:
When choosing royalty-free music, make sure you use a reputable music library. This will ensure that you're using high-quality music that is legal to use.

9. Listen to the music before you use it:
Make sure you listen to the music before you use it in your video. This will give you a good sense of how it will fit with your visuals.

10. Test it out:
Before you finalize your music choice, test it out with your video. Play the music with your visuals to make sure it matches the mood and pace of your video.

Choosing the right music for your video is essential. By considering the mood, genre, tempo, and instrumentation of your video, you can find the perfect royalty-free music that will elevate your visuals and engage your audience. Remember to keep it simple, listen to the music before you use it, and test it out with your video to make sure it's what you're looking for. By following these ten tips, you'll be able to find the perfect music for your video every time.