Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 2 (08.01.2024 - 14.01.2024)

Introducing our latest compilation of captivating and diverse royalty-free music entries for Week 2 of 2024! This week's offerings showcase a spectrum of musical genres, ranging from the immersive Dreamwave electronic track "Revolution" by Alex-Productions to the melancholic and soulful lo-fi hip-hop piece "Forlorn Craving" by Ron Gelinas Chill Beats. Explore the calming Chinese lo-fi background music of "Lunar New Year" by Alex-Productions, the dynamic dubstep energy in "Noise," also by Alex-Productions, and the mysterious Middle Eastern-inspired "Sahara" by EuGenius Music. From classical compositions like "The Huntress" by Justin Allan Arnold to the uplifting electronic vibes of "Way To You" by Spiring, each track is meticulously crafted to enhance your projects with its unique style. Whether you seek nostalgic EDM beats, folktronica charm, or cinematic fantasy loops, our diverse selection of royalty-free music is sure to elevate your creative endeavors.

Revolution by Alex-ProductionsRevolution by Alex-Productions
"Revolution" by Alex-Productions is an immersive and dynamic Dreamwave electronic track that blends dreamy, motivational, and nostalgic elements. Its powerful fusion of strings, aerial pads, growls, bass, and drums creates a captivating audio journey, evoking a spectrum of emotions. The track’s aggressive yet triumphant tone is conveyed through punchy kicks, aggressive synths, and a futuristic vibe, offering an impactful and cinematic listening experience.

Forlorn Craving by Ron Gelinas Chill BeatsForlorn Craving by Ron Gelinas Chill Beats
"Forlorn Craving" by Ron Gelinas is a royalty-free instrumental lo-fi hip-hop track that blends deep and mellow tones of layered strings, keys, and guitars. The haunting and soulful synthetic vocals, combined with punchy drums and bass, create a hypnotic atmosphere. The music aims to convey a sense of melancholy, capturing the wistful longing of a young woman for a quality of life that seems unattainable. The track features a combination of lo-fi hip-hop and indie pop rock elements, creating a unique and emotive listening experience.

Lunar New Year by Alex-ProductionsLunar New Year by Alex-Productions
"Lunar New Year" by Alex-Productions is a calming Chinese lo-fi background music piece that creates a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere. The track incorporates traditional Chinese string instruments, contributing to its soothing and meditative qualities. With a serene vibe, it serves as an ideal background for relaxation and meditation, offering a peaceful auditory experience with a cultural touch.
Categories:  lo-fi / world music / asian / chinese

Noise by Alex-ProductionsNoise by Alex-Productions
"Noise" by Alex-Productions is a dynamic and energetic royalty-free dubstep track with a cyberpunk midtempo vibe. The composition features intense arpeggios, pulsating synths, a formidable bassline, impactful drums, and elements like braams, aerial sounds, and growls that enhance the futuristic atmosphere. The track radiates power, energy, and motivation, creating a glorious and epic mood.
Categories:  electronica / dubstep / electro

Sahara by EuGenius MusicSahara by EuGenius Music
"Sahara" by EuGenius Music is a royalty-free electronic track with a captivating Middle Eastern inspiration. The composition exudes a mysterious vibe, skillfully incorporating traditional Middle Eastern instrumentation. The fusion of electronic elements and cultural sounds creates an intriguing and atmospheric listening experience.

I’m Sorry by GlitchI’m Sorry by Glitch
"I’m Sorry" is a royalty-free music track by Glitch, characterized by its nostalgic and inspirational vibe. This drum and bass/breakbeat composition includes soft synths, a jungle beat, and features a lovely female vocal sample. The lyrics adds an emotional touch to the overall nostalgic atmosphere of the track.

The Huntress by Justin Allan ArnoldThe Huntress by Justin Allan Arnold
"The Huntress" by Justin Allan Arnold is a royalty-free mysterious classical piece designed for a string orchestra. The composition is dedicated to capturing the essence of the divine huntress Diana (Artemis), emphasizing a sneaky and mysterious mood. Through its evocative musical elements, the piece skillfully conveys the stealth and intrigue associated with a huntress on the prowl. The composition offers a unique and atmospheric experience, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the enigmatic world of the huntress.
Categories:  classical

Way To You by SpiringWay To You by Spiring
"Way To You" by Spiring is an uplifting electronic track with a fusion of EDM elements. It features a catchy, upbeat melody layered over dynamic rhythms. The track’s positive vibe creates a sense of journey and progression, utilizing vibrant synths and pulsating beats to evoke feelings of hope and optimism. The overall tone is energetic and motivational, making it an ideal choice for content requiring a buoyant, uplifting soundtrack.
Categories:  electronica

Contrast by Vlad GluschenkoContrast by Vlad Gluschenko
"Contrast" by Vlad Gluschenko is a royalty-free, uplifting folktronica track that blends folk elements with electronic instruments. Its positive and motivational vibe is characterized by upbeat melodies and uplifting feel. The song combines acoustic instruments like guitar with electronic elements, creating a dynamic contrast that feels both invigorating and inspiring.
Categories:  folktronica

Snowflake by Johny GrimesSnowflake by Johny Grimes
"Snowflake" by Johny Grimes is an energetic and uplifting EDM track that captures the essence of winter with its vibrant and cheerful beats. The music features a fusion of electronic sounds, creating a lively and positive atmosphere. With its catchy melodies and upbeat tempo, the song invokes a sense of joy and celebration, making it perfect for creating a feel-good ambiance.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Coasting by KVCoasting by KV
"Coasting" by KV is a royalty-free nostalgic chill-hop track that exudes a melancholic and introspective vibe. The music is characterized by a combination of emotive piano melodies, soothing synths, and a laid-back lo-fi beat. The composition creates a calming atmosphere, making it suitable for background use in various creative projects, such as videos or podcasts, where a mellow and contemplative ambiance is desired.

Roaming Three by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)Roaming Three by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)
"Roaming Three" by Alexander Nakarada is a royalty-free cinematic fantasy music loop that captures an epic and adventurous mood. With its rich instrumentation and dynamic arrangement, the loop evokes a sense of exploration and heroic journeys, making it suitable for fantasy-themed projects, games, or cinematic productions.
Categories:  cinematic / fantasy / epic / loops

Delighted by Roa MusicDelighted by Roa Music
"Delighted" by Roa is a royalty-free electronic track exuding a joyful and cheerful atmosphere. The song is characterized by its uplifting vibe, featuring upbeat and energetic electronic beats. With a focus on creating a positive mood, the track incorporates catchy melodies and vibrant instrumentation.
Categories:  electronica

Moonlight by Johny GrimesMoonlight by Johny Grimes
"Moonlight" by Johny Grimes is a royalty-free EDM track that radiates a bright and positive atmosphere. With its uplifting and energetic vibe, the music is designed to uplift and inspire. The electronic composition combines dynamic beats and vibrant melodies, creating a feel-good experience.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Believing by Vlad GluschenkoBelieving by Vlad Gluschenko
"Believing" by Vlad Gluschenko is a royalty-free, bright, and uplifting folktronica track that exudes a positive vibe. Infused with elements of tropical house, the song combines cheerful melodies and upbeat rhythms, creating an energetic and feel-good atmosphere. The composition radiates optimism and is well-suited for projects seeking a lively and joyful musical backdrop.