Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 3 (15.01.2024 - 21.01.2024)

Welcome to this week's roundup of new royalty-free music entries! Dive into a world of musical creativity with a diverse selection that spans genres and moods. "Good News" by Dani Rosenoer (The Piano Says) is a buoyant and positive piano piece, while Scott Buckley's "Cicadas" offers a dreamy neoclassical experience with a touch of mystery. Justin Allan Arnold presents "The Silent Witness," a dramatic classical piece filled with somber introspection, and LiQWYD's "Back To You" brings an uplifting electronic pop vibe. Scandinavianz takes us on a tropical journey with "Cape Verde," Purrple Cat's "Once In A Lifetime" offers a chill-hop escape, Johny Grimes' "Popsicle" brings joyful electronic pop, and Mehul Choudhary's "Skyline" delivers a tropical house soundtrack. Lastly, Aftertune's "Smile" wraps up the collection with an energetic and vibrant EDM track. Explore the richness of these royalty-free gems across various categories, ready to elevate your creative projects!

Good News by The Piano SaysGood News by The Piano Says
"Good News" by Dani Rosenoer (The Piano Says) is a royalty-free, positive, and uplifting piano music piece. The instrumental track is characterized by a bright and cheerful tone, prominently featuring piano and drums. Throughout the composition, listeners can also enjoy the addition of mellow guitar tones and catchy organ chords, contributing to the overall uplifting atmosphere of the music. Note: A piano-only version is also available. Kindly reach out to Dani Rosenoer for more information.
Categories:  piano / pop / rock

Cicadas by Scott BuckleyCicadas by Scott Buckley
"Cicadas" by Scott Buckley is a royalty-free neoclassical/new age track that creates a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. The delicate composition features piano, strings, and a solo violin, blending harmoniously to evoke a sense of tranquility. The addition of recordings of cicadas enhances the atmospheric quality, contributing to the overall immersive experience. The track captures a subtle and enchanting beauty, making it suitable for various creative projects.
Categories:  cinematic / classical / ambient

The Silent Witness by Justin Allan ArnoldThe Silent Witness by Justin Allan Arnold
"The Silent Witness" by Justin Allan Arnold is a royalty-free dramatic classical piece characterized by a somber and melancholic mood, with a touch of drama. The composition conveys a sense of sadness and introspection, creating a poignant atmosphere. The use of classical elements contributes to the overall dramatic feel, allowing the piece to evoke deep emotions and contemplation without the need for lyrics.
Categories:  classical

Back To You by LiQWYDBack To You by LiQWYD
"Back To You" by LiQWYD is a royalty-free uplifting electronic pop track with a tropical and positive vibe. The song features catchy melodies, vibrant beats, and a feel-good atmosphere. It creates an uplifting and energizing mood, making it suitable for projects that aim to evoke positivity and enthusiasm. The tropical elements in the music contribute to a light and refreshing feel, making "Back To You" a versatile choice for various content types.
Categories:  electronica / pop

Cape Verde by ScandinavianzCape Verde by Scandinavianz
"Cape Verde" by Scandinavianz is a chill tropical track that exudes an inspirational vibe. The music creates a serene and uplifting atmosphere with its tropical elements, blending soothing melodies and rhythmic beats. The composition evokes a sense of relaxation and positivity, making it perfect for creating a laid-back and uplifting ambiance.
Categories:  electronica

Once In A Lifetime by Purrple CatOnce In A Lifetime by Purrple Cat
Purrple Cat’s "Once In A Lifetime" is a royalty-free chill-hop track that creates a gentle and romantic atmosphere. The music is characterized by a relaxing and dreamy vibe, incorporating soothing piano melodies and mellow guitar tones. The overall mood is tranquil and romantic, making it an ideal choice for creating a calming and immersive ambiance.

Popsicle by Johny GrimesPopsicle by Johny Grimes
"Popsicle" by Johny Grimes is a royalty-free, joyful electronic pop track characterized by its bouncy rhythm and cheerful vibes. The song features a dynamic blend of acoustic guitar strumming, glockenspiel, and synths. The track is a spirited and lively piece that combines various elements to create an uplifting musical experience, making it suitable for projects that require a joyful and vibrant soundtrack.
Categories:  electronica / pop

Skyline by Mehul ChoudharySkyline by Mehul Choudhary
"Skyline" by Mehul Choudhary is a royalty-free tropical house track with an uplifting vibe. The music exudes a positive and energetic atmosphere, making it well-suited for summer travel videos. The composition features tropical elements that evoke a sense of warmth and adventure, creating a perfect soundtrack for capturing the essence of sunny destinations.

Smile by AftertuneSmile by Aftertune
Aftertune’s "Smile" is a royalty-free EDM track exuding vibrant and upbeat energy. Infused with dance vibes and a cheerful mood, the song creates an uplifting atmosphere. The pulsating beats and lively melodies combine to evoke a sense of joy and positivity, making it an ideal choice for projects that seek an energetic and feel-good musical backdrop.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

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