Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 23 (05.06.2023 - 11.06.2023)

In the realm of royalty-free music, week 23 / 2023 brings a captivating collection of tracks across various genres. From soothing corporate tunes to electrifying alternative rock and nostalgic piano compositions, these additions offer a diverse array of sounds and moods.

Slideshow by 2TECH-AUDIOSlideshow by 2TECH-AUDIO
"Slideshow" by 2TECH-AUDIO is a captivating corporate track that seamlessly combines relaxation and inspiration. The song presents a cool and invigorating beat alongside the gentle presence of soft synth arpeggios. The music evokes a tranquil ambiance, creating a soothing atmosphere that encourages reflection and inspiration.
Categories:  corporate / ambient

Power by FSM TeamPower by FSM Team
"Power" is an electrifying alternative rock track that captivates listeners with its epic and powerful sound. Fueled by distorted guitars and an intense breakbeat, the track leaves a lasting impression. It combines the raw energy of rock with an alternative twist, creating a unique and exhilarating sonic experience.
Categories:  alternative / rock / epic

Clouds by Ethereal 88Clouds by Ethereal 88
"Clouds" by Ethereal 88 is an emotional piano piece that captures a nostalgic and inspirational mood. The composition skillfully combines melodic elements and evocative harmonies to convey a range of emotions to the listener. The piece begins with gentle, introspective melodies that create a sense of longing and reminiscence. The delicate notes transport the listener to a place of reflection, where memories and emotions intertwine. The melody slowly unfolds, evoking a feeling of wistfulness and introspection.
Categories:  cinematic / piano / romantic

Joyride by MixaundJoyride by Mixaund
"Joyride" by Mixaund is an uplifting and motivational corporate pop track that combines the vibrant energy of guitars, piano, Rhodes solo, and an uplifting beat. The track’s essence is characterized by a joyful and adventurous spirit that aims to inspire and uplift listeners.
Categories:  corporate / pop

Daydreaming by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >Daydreaming by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >
"Daydreaming" by < e s c p > is a mesmerizing jazz-hop track that effortlessly combines dreamy elements with a relaxing ambiance. The track begins with the soothing sound of chill Rhodes piano, instantly setting a tranquil tone. As the track progresses, a lo-fi beat kicks in, creating a gentle rhythm that perfectly complements the laid-back atmosphere. The jazzy chords infused throughout the composition add a sophisticated touch, enhancing the overall richness of the sound. The saxophone and trumpet solos gracefully weave their way into the mix, adding a layer of elegance and nostalgia to the music. One of the standout moments in the track is the drop in the middle, where the Rhodes piano resurface, creating a captivating moment of musical release. This transition brings a renewed sense of calm and serves as a focal point in the composition, showcasing the artist’s ability to craft an engaging sonic journey.
Categories:  lo-fi / jazz-hop / chill-hop / vaporwave

City Life by EuGenius MusicCity Life by EuGenius Music
"City Life" is a captivating electronic music track by EuGenius (Eugen Lai). This upbeat EDM piece combines elements of cool and bouncy rhythms, creating an energetic and dynamic experience. With its infectious melodies, pulsating beats, and carefully crafted soundscapes, "City Life" takes listeners on a journey through the vibrant and lively atmosphere of urban living.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm) / electro

Boom Town by Arthur VynckeBoom Town by Arthur Vyncke
Arthur Vyncke’s uplifting pop rock track is a spirited composition that seamlessly blends the melodic charm of piano, guitar, and trumpet. The track’s infectious energy is sure to captivate listeners and leave them feeling uplifted. With its vibrant instrumentation and catchy rhythms, the track creates an atmosphere of joy and positivity.
Categories:  pop / rock

Uniqueness by Vlad GluschenkoUniqueness by Vlad Gluschenko
"Uniqueness" is a soothing acoustic folk track by Vlad Gluschenko, characterized by the delicate blend of acoustic guitar and cello. The song creates a gentle and serene atmosphere with its melodic simplicity and introspective nature.
Categories:  acoustic / folk

Child Song by NIKIChild Song by NIKI
"Child Song" is a joyful and uplifting children’s tune by NIKI (Nikita Lukyanov). The song radiates positivity and happiness, capturing the essence of childhood innocence. With its catchy melody, it creates a delightful and enchanting atmosphere for young listeners.
Categories:  children’s