Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 26 (26.06.2023 - 02.07.2023)

Welcome to the latest installment of royalty-free music additions for Week 26! If you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to elevate your content, we've got you covered with an eclectic mix of energetic beats, captivating melodies, and vibrant atmospheres. Let's dive into the musical gems that will bring your projects to life.

Promotional Video by Alex-ProductionsPromotional Video by Alex-Productions
"Promotional Video" by Alex-Productions is a high-energy indie rock track perfect for sporty or energetic videos. With a blazing tempo, this royalty-free song delivers a powerful and upbeat vibe. The track showcases intense distorted guitars that drive the energy forward, creating an exhilarating atmosphere. Whether you are looking to create promotional content for sports events, action-packed montages, or dynamic advertising, "Promotional Video" offers a dynamic and engaging sound that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Categories:  alternative / indie rock / rock

Metaphonk by Alex-ProductionsMetaphonk by Alex-Productions
"Metaphonk" by Alex-Productions is a high-octane and electrifying phonk track that commands attention from the start. With its aggressive and energetic nature, the song wastes no time in unleashing a fast-paced beat that sets the tone for an intense musical experience. The track’s standout feature is the repetitive vocal, which becomes a hypnotic and mesmerizing element within the overall composition. This repetition adds to the track’s potency, making it an infectious earworm that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.
Categories:  electronica / phonk / trap

Royal Market by WombatNoisesAudioRoyal Market by WombatNoisesAudio
"Royal Market" by Ehren K. Wade (WombatNoisesAudio) is a captivating royalty-free medieval fantasy music piece that exudes a sense of adventure and upliftment. The instrumental track is characterized by a rich blend of medieval woodwind instruments, such as flutes, and various string instruments. Its composition evokes a vibrant ambiance, reminiscent of a bustling medieval market where heroes and heroines embark on epic quests.
Categories:  cinematic / fantasy / world music

Careful There by Justin Allan ArnoldCareful There by Justin Allan Arnold
"Careful There" by Justin Allan Arnold is an alluring and enigmatic nocturne composed for a jazz trio featuring tenor sax, electric piano, and upright bass. This captivating piece combines a cool and edgy atmosphere, enveloping listeners in a mysterious ambiance. The tenor sax leads the way with evocative melodies, gracefully blending with the haunting notes of the electric piano. The upright bass adds depth and intrigue, anchoring the ensemble with its resonant tones. As the trio weaves through the composition, they create an immersive soundscape that draws the audience into a world of musical intrigue and suspense. "Careful There" leaves a lasting impression, enticing jazz enthusiasts with its unique blend of cool sophistication and alluring edge.
Categories:  jazz / blues

Sea and Sun by Surf House ProductionsSea and Sun by Surf House Productions
"Sea and Sun" is a lively and cheerful tropical house track produced by Surf House Productions, boasting a delightful, uplifting mood that will surely brighten anyone’s day. The composition is characterized by the playful and joyful sounds of marimba and xylophone, which infuse the melody with a vibrant tropical vibe. Accompanied by an infectious EDM beat, the track creates an irresistible groove that is bound to get you moving. Its royalty-free nature makes it an ideal choice for content creators, particularly for children’s content, as it embodies a carefree and happy atmosphere, guaranteed to put a smile on listeners’ faces.

Disco Star by GlitchDisco Star by Glitch
"Disco Star" by Glitch is a captivating royalty free jazzy disco track infused with elements of house, resulting in an uplifting and groovy experience. The song showcases a fusion of infectious disco beats and funky jazz melodies, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere on the dance floor.
Categories:  electronica / disco / house / jazzy

Sea Romance by Vlad GluschenkoSea Romance by Vlad Gluschenko
"Sea Romance" by Vlad Gluschenko is a captivating acoustic folk composition that evokes feelings of tranquility, emotion, and gentle nostalgia. The piece prominently features delicate acoustic guitar melodies and a tenderly played trumpet. As the music progresses, it gradually builds in intensity, transforming into an epic arrangement.
Categories:  acoustic / folk

Lily Fragrance by GlitchLily Fragrance by Glitch
"Lily Fragrance" by Glitch is a royalty-free melodic drum & bass track perfect for fashion and lifestyle videos. It combines a fast-paced jungle beat with soothing melodic synths. The track creates an energetic yet serene atmosphere, allowing it to complement visuals of stylish fashion trends and vibrant lifestyles. With its captivating rhythm and gentle melodies, "Lily Fragrance" adds a touch of sophistication and excitement to any video production.

Paradise by Roa MusicParadise by Roa Music
"Paradise" by Roa Music is an uplifting and vibrant EDM track, designed to bring joy and relaxation to your summer days by the pool or beach. The song’s cheerful beats and infectious melodies create a perfect atmosphere for soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of friends.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Ocean Drive by LiQWYDOcean Drive by LiQWYD
"Ocean Drive" by LiQWYD is a vibrant and joyous tropical house track that exudes uplifting energy and positivity. The song is characterized by delightful, sun-kissed synths that create a blissful atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical paradise. The autotune vocals add a touch of contemporary flair, enhancing the overall feel-good vibe.

Clarity by tubebackrClarity by tubebackr
"Clarity" is a royalty-free positive chill-house track created by tubebackr. The song exudes a soothing and relaxed vibe, blending elements of house music with lovely chill guitar melodies. Its uplifting and cheerful tones create a pleasant and feel-good atmosphere.
Categories:  electronica / chill house