Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 29 (17.07.2023 - 23.07.2023)

Get ready to immerse yourself in a diverse array of captivating and uplifting royalty-free music tracks as we present the latest additions for Week 29 of 2023. Whether you're seeking the perfect beats for your yoga, pilates, or stretching sessions, or you simply want to enhance your creative projects, we have something for everyone.

Gourmet by Alex-ProductionsGourmet by Alex-Productions
"Gourmet" is a fantastic gypsy jazz cooking music track produced by Alex-Productions. Filled with vibrant and uplifting melodies, it creates a joyful and energetic atmosphere. The song features a delightful blend of instruments, including the clarinet, accordion, bass, and acoustic guitar.
Categories:  jazz

Ornette Ornette by Justin Allan ArnoldOrnette Ornette by Justin Allan Arnold
"Ornette Ornette" is a royalty-free bebop jazz canon, paying homage to the influential musical style of Ornette Coleman. The composition is tailored for a jazz trio, featuring two alto saxophones and an upright bass. The piece captures the essence of Coleman’s innovative approach to jazz, characterized by its harmonically free and improvisational nature.
Categories:  jazz / experimental

Advertising by Alex-ProductionsAdvertising by Alex-Productions
"Advertising" by Alex-Productions is an emotionally charged corporate pop track that combines a gentle intensity with heartfelt vocals. The song captures the essence of the corporate world while also evoking a sense of emotion and tenderness.

On Sale by Alex-ProductionsOn Sale by Alex-Productions
"On Sale" by Alex-Productions is an uplifting EDM track with a positive commercial vibe. The song exudes an infectious energy, blending vibrant beats and catchy melodies to create an irresistible feel-good atmosphere. With its dynamic and captivating sound, "On Sale" is sure to lift listeners’ spirits and get them grooving on the dance floor. This track embodies the essence of EDM’s uplifting nature and is bound to leave audiences with a sense of joy and euphoria, making it an ideal choice for commercial settings and lively gatherings.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Hard As Steel by Alex-ProductionsHard As Steel by Alex-Productions
"Hard As Steel" is an invigorating and potent rock instrumental crafted by Alex-Productions. This royalty-free track exudes an electrifying energy through its dynamic guitar riffs and pulsating drum beats. The composition evokes a sense of strength and determination, inspiring listeners with its empowering melody and driving rhythm. Perfectly suited for various media projects seeking to add a touch of intensity and adrenaline, "Hard As Steel" promises to captivate and energize audiences with its powerful rock sound.
Categories:  rock

Summer Event by Alex-ProductionsSummer Event by Alex-Productions
"Summer Event" by Alex-Productions is an royalty free EDM / progressive house track with a refreshing electro vibe. The song exudes a lively and upbeat atmosphere, capturing the essence of a summer celebration. Its dynamic beats and pulsating rhythms create an energetic and uplifting experience for the listener.

Doing My Best by Alex-ProductionsDoing My Best by Alex-Productions
"Doing My Best" by Alex-Productions is a royalty-free motivational and inspirational corporate music piece. The track is characterized by a lively arrangement of instruments, exuding a positive and uplifting vibe throughout. The presence of an inspiring female voice adds an extra layer of motivation to the composition. This uplifting music aims to encourage listeners to strive for excellence and give their best effort in any endeavor, making it an ideal choice for corporate projects, presentations, and motivational content.
Categories:  corporate

LIPS by Alex-ProductionsLIPS by Alex-Productions
"LIPS" by Alex-Productions is a contemporary hip-hop instrumental track characterized by a captivating beat and carefully incorporated voice samples. The instrumental heavily revolves around its rhythmic elements, creating an infectious groove that sets the tone for the entire composition.

xoxo by Nettsonxoxo by Nettson
"XOXO" by Nettson is a downtempo chill trap track exuding a pensive and melancholic vibe. The song features a mellow and laid-back rhythm, characterized by trap-style beats with a relaxed tempo.
Categories:  downtempo / trip hop / trap

Agency by Alex-ProductionsAgency by Alex-Productions
"Agency" by Alex-Productions is a cute corporate pop track that seamlessly blends future bass elements to create a lovely motivational atmosphere. The song features a brilliant use of a short, captivating voice sample that adds a unique touch to the overall composition.
Categories:  corporate / pop / future bass

I Gotta Fire by Alex-ProductionsI Gotta Fire by Alex-Productions
"I Gotta Fire" by Alex-Productions is an electrifying and dynamic royalty-free drumming track. The song predominantly features a high-energy drum arrangement, creating a pulsating rhythm that drives the listener forward. Throughout the track, a vocal sample intermittently shouts "Hey," adding to the infectious and lively atmosphere.

Hustle by Alex-ProductionsHustle by Alex-Productions
"Hustle" by Alex-Productions is a captivating royalty-free drums track that exudes power and energy. The song features a dynamic combination of intense drum patterns and rhythmic beats that drive the momentum forward. It is perfect for sporty videos.

Clouds by Alex-ProductionsClouds by Alex-Productions
"Clouds" by Alex-Productions is an exceptional royalty free ambient background music designed for applications and games. This captivating composition creates a serene and calming atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and meditation. The track features a mesmerizing array of ethereal soft synths, weaving a gentle tapestry of sound that envelops the listener in tranquility.

Dynamic by Alex-ProductionsDynamic by Alex-Productions
"Dynamic" by Alex-Productions is a vibrant and high-energy hip-hop track that exudes liveliness and excitement. The song features a bouncy beat that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. To enhance the energetic atmosphere, the artist skillfully incorporates additional elements such as sports whistles, brass hits, and cleverly placed voice samples.

Bubbles by Alex-ProductionsBubbles by Alex-Productions
"Bubbles" by Alex-Productions is a captivating hip-hop beat with a fun and bouncy vibe. The track is setting the perfect stage for a groovy and energetic experience.

New Era by Unwritten StoriesNew Era by Unwritten Stories
"New Era" by Unwritten Stories is a melancholic cinematic piano composition that incorporates ambient elements. The track evokes a sense of sadness and emotional depth through its expressive melodies and atmospheric sounds. The piano takes center stage, delivering melancholic and introspective notes that tug at the heartstrings.
Categories:  cinematic / piano

Golden Days by Vlad GluschenkoGolden Days by Vlad Gluschenko
"Golden Days" by Vlad Gluschenko is an uplifting folktronica track that weaves together a delightful blend of acoustic and digital instruments. The song radiates a warm and optimistic atmosphere, conjuring feelings of nostalgia and cherished memories.
Categories:  folktronica

Halt State by Punch DeckHalt State by Punch Deck
"Halt State" by Punch Deck is an electrifying dubstep track that takes listeners on a thrilling sonic journey. With a combination of aggressive and distorted synths, the song exudes raw energy and power. Interspersed among the intense beats are melodic, high-pitched melodies that add an intriguing contrast, creating a captivating and immersive experience.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm) / dubstep

React by LiQWYDReact by LiQWYD
"React" by LiQWYD is a dreamy chill house track that exudes a relaxing tropical vibe. The song seamlessly blends smooth tropical house beats with ethereal elements, creating a soothing atmosphere. Throughout the track, you can hear enchanting voice samples floating in the background, adding to the dreamlike ambiance. The standout feature of the song is the lovely delayed guitar, which gently weaves its way into the melodic tapestry, enhancing the overall chill and laid-back feel.

Day Before by GlitchDay Before by Glitch
"Day Before" by Glitch is a mesmerizing breakbeat track that takes listeners on a nostalgic and emotional journey. Its enchanting blend of drum and bass beats, gentle synths, and wistful piano tones creates a captivating atmosphere.

Deiwos by MAITTREDeiwos by MAITTRE
"Deiwos" by MAITTRE is a haunting and foreboding electronic cinematic track that exudes a sense of darkness and impending doom. The song features a chilling combination of eerie and terrifying sounds, creating an ominous atmosphere. Its intense beat drives the listener into a state of unease and tension. The track maintains a chaotic vibe, further adding to the sense of impending danger and uncertainty.
Categories:  cinematic / electronica

Morning Thoughts by HothamMorning Thoughts by Hotham
"Morning Thoughts" by Hotham is an uplifting tropical chill house track that radiates a bright and positive mood. The song seamlessly blends the soothing elements of chill house with the invigorating essence of tropical vibes, creating an enchanting musical experience. The prominent use of the electric guitar adds a touch of warmth and organic feel to the composition.

Phase by Vlad GluschenkoPhase by Vlad Gluschenko
"Phase" by Vlad Gluschenko is a delightful and uplifting folktronica track that fills the listener with joy and positivity. The song showcases a perfect blend of various instruments, including the charming glockenspiel, a lively and bouncy beat, and the heartwarming presence of the cello.
Categories:  folktronica