Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 30 (24.07.2023 - 30.07.2023)

Step into a world of captivating melodies and powerful beats as we present our weekly royalty-free music track entries. From the enigmatic synths of "Chaos" by Alex-Productions to the soul-stirring cinematic chillstep of "Distant" by the same artist, each composition takes you on a unique musical journey.

Chaos by Alex-ProductionsChaos by Alex-Productions
"Chaos" by Alex-Productions is a powerful trap beat characterized by its unique and captivating elements. The track features enigmatic synths that draw the listener in with their mysterious allure.
Categories:  trap / electro / miscellaneous

Distant by Alex-ProductionsDistant by Alex-Productions
"Distant" by Alex-Productions is a soul-stirring and nostalgic cinematic chillstep track, offering listeners a unique blend of cinematic elements and a laid-back, slow-paced beat. The music takes you on a journey through time, evoking feelings of fond reminiscence and longing.
Categories:  cinematic / chillstep

Shimmering by Unwritten StoriesShimmering by Unwritten Stories
"Shimmering" by Unwritten Stories is a royalty-free weather forecast music track that combines intense bass and bright piano tones. The composition creates an alluring and enigmatic ambiance, making it suitable for weather forecasts and related content that aims to intrigue and engage the audience.
Categories:  tv themes / loops

Marketing by Alex-ProductionsMarketing by Alex-Productions
"Marketing" by Alex-Productions is a dynamic and uplifting corporate pop instrumental track that radiates motivation and inspiration. Its melody and energetic beats create a positive and professional atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for advertising, presentations, or company videos.
Categories:  corporate / pop

Happy by MixaundHappy by Mixaund
Mixaund’s happy, positive, and uplifting corporate pop track is a delightful fusion of various instruments and elements. The song features a charming combination of palm-muted guitar, which adds a rhythmic and groovy feel, and cheerful piano chords that provide a bright and catchy melody. The pedal steel guitar contributes a touch of warmth and nostalgia, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort. Additionally, the strings elevate the track to new heights, adding a layer of elegance and emotion that enhances the overall uplifting vibe.
Categories:  corporate / pop

Dinner by Alex-ProductionsDinner by Alex-Productions
"Dinner" by Alex-Productions is a jazz lounge-style track perfect for various contexts such as food and beverage commercials, inspiring and uplifting videos, cooking vlogs, and the restaurant industry. The music sets a delightful and sophisticated atmosphere, blending smooth jazz elements with an uplifting rhythm.
Categories:  jazz

Stay by Ron Gelinas Chill BeatsStay by Ron Gelinas Chill Beats
Relaxing and emotional chill-hop track featuring pleasant keys, haunting strings, clean acoustic guitar and crisp beats. The track aims to capture the emotions of a lonely person’s desire for companionship. Perfect for gaming, studying, or relaxing and for use in environments like stores, cafes, offices, lounges and restaurants.
Categories:  lo-fi / piano / chill-hop

Prelude To An Epiphany by Justin Allan ArnoldPrelude To An Epiphany by Justin Allan Arnold
Beginning with gentle yet slightly melancholic piano arpeggios, this cinematic track gradually builds to a full orchestral climax. A duet of solo violin and piano acts as a bittersweet denouement.
Categories:  cinematic / classical

Outfit by Alex-ProductionsOutfit by Alex-Productions
"Outfit" by Alex-Productions is a vibrant and stylish royalty-free house track that sets the dance floor on fire with its energetic beats and female vocals. The song’s infectious rhythm and pulsating basslines create an electrifying atmosphere, drawing listeners into a high-energy house rave experience.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm) / house

Believe It by Alex-ProductionsBelieve It by Alex-Productions
"Believe It" by Alex-Productions is an uplifting and dynamic electronic track with a motivational vibe. The track’s energetic beats and melodies create a sense of empowerment and positivity.

Ineffable by GlitchIneffable by Glitch
"Ineffable" by Glitch is a nostalgic breakbeat track that takes listeners on a journey back to the golden age of electronic music. The song skillfully combines the rhythmic complexity of breakbeats with the emotive melodies of piano and guitar.

Groovy by KVGroovy by KV
"Groovy" by KV is a fantastic electro-funk that masterfully blends electronic elements with funky vibes. The track’s pulsating rhythm and infectious energy are driven by a combination of synths and piano, creating a dynamic and engaging sonic experience.

Melody by Roa MusicMelody by Roa Music
"Melody" by Roa is an uplifting electronic pop track that exudes an optimistic vibe. This bouncy EDM is filled with energetic beats and captivating synths that instantly lift spirits. The track’s bright and lively atmosphere creates a sense of joy and excitement, making it impossible not to tap your feet to the rhythm.
Categories:  electronica / pop / dance (edm)

California by LiQWYDCalifornia by LiQWYD
"California" by LiQWYD is a vibrant and uplifting tropical house track with a refreshing blend of EDM and pop elements. The song exudes a bright and positive vibe, captivating listeners with its lovely beats, enchanting guitar melodies, and captivating synths. The addition of brass instruments adds a touch of warmth and richness to the overall sound.

Kind Celtic Loop by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)Kind Celtic Loop by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)
"Kind Celtic Loop" by Alexander Nakarada is a royalty-free fantasy Celtic music loop that combines the soulful melodies of the enchanting sounds of a harp. The composition exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, transporting listeners to a magical realm of Celtic folklore.
Categories:  cinematic / fantasy / celtic / loops

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