Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 32 (07.08.2023 - 13.08.2023)

Discover a world of musical enchantment with our latest releases that are sure to spark your imagination and elevate your projects. This week brings a symphony of emotions, from motivational orchestral compositions to tranquil lo-fi rhythms. Join us on a journey through a diverse selection of genres that promise to breathe life into your creative endeavors.

Voice of Earth by Alex-ProductionsVoice of Earth by Alex-Productions
"Voice of Earth" is an motivational orchestral cinematic music track composed by Alex-Productions. It utilizes a variety of orchestral instruments to create a powerful and dramatic atmosphere. With its suspenseful and engaging vibe, the music captures a sense of anticipation and grandeur. The composition’s sweeping melodies and intricate harmonies evoke a feeling of unity and connection with the Earth, inspiring listeners with a sense of purpose and motivation.
Categories:  cinematic / epic / classical

Midnight In The Monastery by Justin Allan ArnoldMidnight In The Monastery by Justin Allan Arnold
"Midnight in the Monastery" is a mysterious nocturne composed by Justin Allan Arnold for string orchestra. The piece captures an enigmatic atmosphere, evoking the ambiance of a monastery at night.
Categories:  classical

Cosmic Girl by GlitchCosmic Girl by Glitch
"Cosmic Girl" is an IDM breakbeat track by Glitch that exudes a cool aesthetic vibe. Filled with a blend of soft pads, synths, and samples, the song creates an otherworldly atmosphere. Its intricate breakbeat rhythm adds an energetic yet laid-back groove, while the use of various electronic elements adds depth and complexity to the composition.

Craft by FSM TeamCraft by FSM Team
"Craft" is a vibrant and motivating corporate pop track that exudes positivity and energy. The song combines dynamic bass, uplifting synth chords, and the soothing tones of the piano to create a harmonious blend of sounds. The result is a catchy and inspiring melody that captures the essence of productivity and innovation.
Categories:  corporate / pop / funky / groove

Missing by Ron Gelinas Chill BeatsMissing by Ron Gelinas Chill Beats
Fantastic sad downtempo track by Ron Gelinas. The track features haunting and soulful synths and guitar riffs, chill keys and acoustic guitar melodies, punchy beats and percussion effects. The track aims to capture the sadness, anxiety and stress that arises when a loved-one goes missing.

Starry Sky by QlowdyStarry Sky by Qlowdy
"Starry Sky" by Qlowdy is a charming chill-hop track exuding a cute and cheerful vibe. The music creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere, immersing listeners in a feel-good experience. The track combines the soothing sounds of a digital piano, ethereal synths, and the warmth of a saxophone, resulting in a harmonious blend of melodies.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-hop

Cherry Blossom by Filo StarquezCherry Blossom by Filo Starquez
"Cherry Blossom" is a royalty-free dreamy lo-fi hip-hop track that offers a serene and tranquil experience. This chill-hop piece is distinguished by its incorporation of a soothing piano melody and ambient samples, resulting in a deeply relaxing composition. It’s a perfect choice for creating a peaceful ambiance, particularly suitable for focused study sessions.

recovery by Rexlamborecovery by Rexlambo
"Recovery" by Rexlambo is an emotive ambient music piece characterized by its deep bass tones, complemented by the soothing sounds of cello and piano.
Categories:  ambient

Abandoned by Keys of MoonAbandoned by Keys of Moon
"Abandoned" by Keys of Moon is a poignant and melancholic cinematic music piece that evokes a sense of desolation and nostalgia. The composition combines sorrowful piano melodies with subtle orchestral elements, creating a somber atmosphere that speaks to feelings of isolation and loss.
Categories:  cinematic / piano

Twinkle by Roa MusicTwinkle by Roa Music
Roa’s "Twinkle" is a buoyant and uplifting piece of royalty-free vlog music. With its pop-style arrangement and vibrant melodies, it exudes a radiant and cheerful atmosphere. The track’s bright mood is perfect for adding a dash of positivity to vlogs, capturing the joy of everyday moments or exciting adventures.
Categories:  pop