Royalty Free Music Additions | Week 52 (25.12.2023 - 31.12.2023)

Welcome to the last week of 2023, where the creative canvas is adorned with a symphony of royalty-free musical treasures. This week’s compilation is a tapestry woven with diverse offerings, from the enigmatic depths of "Endless City" to the vibrant optimism of "Butterflies" and the emotive tranquility of "Sky." As we journey through "The Chase" of inspiration and the suspenseful allure of "Thriller," we herald the arrival of "Stars In The New Year," celebrating new beginnings. "On The Run" invites nostalgic reflections, "Miracle" showers joy, and "Kochi" blankets us in serene tranquility. Explore this mosaic of emotions and genres, a melodic journey crafted to infuse your creative endeavors with depth and richness, all without any copyright concerns.

Endless City by Punch DeckEndless City by Punch Deck
"Endless City" by Punch Deck is a dynamic royalty-free cinematic electronic track split into two distinct parts. The opening sets a mysterious tone, drawing in the listener with an enigmatic atmosphere. As the track progresses, it transitions into an energetic and epic segment, characterized by a more pronounced electronic vibe. The shift from mystery to high-energy electronic elements creates a captivating journey through soundscapes, making it suitable for a variety of cinematic or multimedia projects seeking both intrigue and excitement.
Categories:  electronica / cinematic

Butterflies by Johny GrimesButterflies by Johny Grimes
"Butterflies" is a lively, royalty-free EDM track exuding a vibrant and optimistic ambiance. With its catchy beats and uplifting melodies, it creates an atmosphere of positivity and joy. The music carries a sense of brightness, invoking feelings of hope and happiness. It’s an energetic and upbeat tune perfect for projects seeking an infusion of enthusiasm and optimism.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Sky by Alex-ProductionsSky by Alex-Productions
Alex-Productions’ "Sky" is an emotive piece of royalty-free classical cinematic music. It creates a tranquil atmosphere with a blend of cello, strings, and subtle synth pads. The composition evokes a meditative mood, perfect for emotional and reflective wedding content. Its melodic and soothing tones offer a serene backdrop, setting a poignant and calming ambiance for the listener.
Categories:  cinematic / classical / ambient / romantic

The Chase by HothamThe Chase by Hotham
"The Chase" by Hotham is an uplifting, royalty-free electronic track blending elements of indie pop with EDM. Its positive vibe creates an inspirational atmosphere, featuring catchy melodies and driving rhythms that evoke a sense of motivation and energy. The track combines electronic sounds with indie-pop sensibilities, creating an engaging and dynamic auditory experience perfect for motivational content or upbeat projects.
Categories:  electronica / indie pop

Thriller by Alex-ProductionsThriller by Alex-Productions
"Thriller" is an ambient drone masterpiece crafted to stir a sense of suspense and chill. This composition intricately weaves synths, real bass, bells, pads, and braams to construct an immersive sonic landscape that effortlessly merges darkness with anticipation. Its eerie undertones cast a foreboding spell, ideal for enhancing the enigmatic and spine-tingling facets of cinema and TV series.
Categories:  cinematic / ambient

Stars In The New Year by Numall Fix feat. K Y Z H AStars In The New Year by Numall Fix feat. K Y Z H A
"Stars In The New Year" by Numall Fix & K Y Z H A is an uplifting royalty-free house track that captures the celebratory spirit of the New Year. With vibrant beats and an infectious melody, it creates a sense of brightness and inspiration, perfect for setting a lively and hopeful mood for new beginnings.
Categories:  electronica / house

On The Run by PyrosionOn The Run by Pyrosion
"On The Run" by Pyrosion is a mid-tempo electronic track that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern beats. Its dreamy tones evoke a sense of wistfulness, offering a journey through a nostalgic landscape. The track’s royalty-free status makes it a versatile choice for various creative projects seeking a touch of retro-electronic ambiance.
Categories:  electronica / electro

Miracle by Roa MusicMiracle by Roa Music
"Miracle" by Roa is a vibrant and upbeat EDM track, filled with energetic rhythms and lively melodies. It exudes a sense of joy and positivity, featuring catchy beats and cheerful synths that create an uplifting atmosphere. The track’s dynamic progression and lively tempo contribute to its overall bright and feel-good vibe, making it a perfect choice for adding an optimistic and happy tone to various creative projects without any copyright concerns.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Kochi by Filo StarquezKochi by Filo Starquez
"Kochi" by Filo Starquez is a serene chill-hop melody that immerses you in a dreamy soundscape. Its nostalgic vibe is carried by gentle, hazy beats intertwined with soft piano notes. The track’s relaxed tempo and soothing ambiance create a tranquil atmosphere, invoking a sense of reminiscence and tranquility. It’s the kind of music that transports you to a serene, introspective state, allowing you to drift away into a world of calmness and nostalgia.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-hop / chill-out