Royalty Free Music Additions | Weeks 33, 34, 35 (14.08.2023 - 03.09.2023)

In this edition of our submissions showcase, we present a diverse collection of music spanning various genres, from classical and cinematic to electronica and lo-fi. Our featured artists have poured their creativity into crafting these mesmerizing tracks, each with its own unique style and emotional depth. Whether you're in search of music for educational projects, documentaries, or simply want to explore new sounds to elevate your creative endeavors, you're in for a treat.

I Feel Alive by Alex-ProductionsI Feel Alive by Alex-Productions
"I Feel Alive" by Alex-Productions is a royalty-free emotional piano track suitable for various applications including educational projects, school presentations, university projects, and documentaries. The piece evokes a sense of vitality and deep emotions through its piano melody.
Categories:  piano / classical / romantic

Hazy Day by Ethereal 88Hazy Day by Ethereal 88
"Hazy Day" by Ethereal 88 is a gentle and relaxing piano piece that captures a nostalgic mood. The soothing melody and soft harmonies create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. The music evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting listeners to a dreamy and introspective state.
Categories:  cinematic / piano / romantic

Autumn Waltz by GudjiAutumn Waltz by Gudji
"Autumn Waltz" by Gudji is a royalty-free nostalgic blues waltz that encompasses a blend of electric guitars, piano, and Rhodes piano. The composition exudes a sense of nostalgia, evoking emotions associated with the past. The waltz maintains its bluesy character throughout, incorporating elements of both classic blues and waltz styles. Notably, there is an ambient piano section in the middle, adding a layer of atmospheric depth to the overall composition.
Categories:  blues / rock

Twilight 3 by GlitchTwilight 3 by Glitch
"Twilight 3" by Glitch is a royalty-free chill jazzy IDM track characterized by its soothing ambiance. The song incorporates elements of jazzy piano chords, mellow trumpet melodies, and a leisurely-paced bossa nova beat. The combination of these elements creates a relaxed and atmospheric vibe that is perfect for creating a laid-back and contemplative mood. The track is suitable for various creative projects and provides a calming yet engaging auditory experience for listeners.
Categories:  electronica / jazzy

Stand By My Side by EnliaStand By My Side by Enlia
"Stand By My Side" by Enlia is a dreamy and atmospheric instrumental track that falls within the dreampop and shoegaze genres. The song features a blend of distorted guitar and glockenspiel (bells), creating a rich sonic landscape. The distorted guitar contributes to a wall of sound, enveloping the listener in a hazy and ethereal atmosphere. The glockenspiel adds a touch of delicacy and shimmering tones, enhancing the dreamlike quality of the track.
Categories:  alternative / shoegaze / indie pop

Night Roads by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >Night Roads by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >
"Night Roads" by < e s c p > is a mesmerizing mystic chill-synth track that seamlessly blends dark and mysterious elements with dynamic synthwave and synthpop sounds. The music takes listeners on a journey through an enigmatic nighttime landscape, featuring moments of haunting ambiance followed by bursts of energetic synth melodies. The track’s contrasting sections create an intriguing atmosphere, evoking a sense of exploration and adventure through the darkness.
Categories:  electronica / lo-fi / synthwave / synthpop

Night Train by Purrple CatNight Train by Purrple Cat
"Night Train" by Purrple Cat is a chill and dreamy lo-fi hip-hop track. The song creates a laid-back and soothing atmosphere with its combination of gentle piano melodies, smooth saxophone tunes, and a relaxed beat. The listener is taken on a tranquil journey reminiscent of a night train ride.

Beautiful Wonder by Alex-ProductionsBeautiful Wonder by Alex-Productions
"Beautiful Wonder" by Alex-Productions is a royalty free orchestral cinematic composition that evokes deep emotions and a sense of awe. The music carries an epic vibe, taking listeners on a journey through a vast and wondrous landscape.
Categories:  cinematic / epic

The Paranormal Is Real by Leonell Cassio ft. CarrieThe Paranormal Is Real by Leonell Cassio ft. Carrie
"The Paranormal Is Real" is a future bass song by Leonell Cassio featuring vocals by Carrie. With a blend of dark and mysterious undertones, the song masterfully merges mid-tempo rhythms with elements of trap, resulting in an experimental musical experience. Carrie’s haunting vocals add an eerie touch to the track, contributing to its enigmatic atmosphere.

Battle Of Skull Island by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)Battle Of Skull Island by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)
"Battle of Skull Island" by Alexander Nakarada is an epic and dynamic cinematic metal track that embodies the thrilling atmosphere of a pirate-themed adventure. The composition seamlessly blends two contrasting elements: a cinematic section that invokes a sense of grandeur and anticipation, and a powerful metal section that unleashes intense energy and excitement.
Categories:  cinematic / metal / epic

Eepy by Aila ScottEepy by Aila Scott
"Eepy" by Aila Scott is a charming lo-fi track featuring the delightful sounds of kalimba, toy pianos, and a rain sample. The combination of these elements creates a soothing and whimsical atmosphere. The kalimba and toy pianos add a playful and innocent touch to the music, while the rain sample enhances the cozy and relaxed vibe.
Categories:  lo-fi / hip-hop / rap / chill-hop

Roller Coaster by ScandinavianzRoller Coaster by Scandinavianz
"Roller Coaster" by Scandinavianz is an exhilarating royalty-free EDM track that captures the essence of a thrilling journey. The music’s infectious energy and uplifting melodies make it the perfect companion for positive travel experiences.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm)

Lose You by LiQWYDLose You by LiQWYD
"Lose You" by LiQWYD is an inspirational tropical track with a relaxing and chill vibe. The track’s soothing melodies and tropical rhythms create a sense of calm and positivity. The music inspires a feeling of letting go and embracing the present moment.

Starlight by GlitchStarlight by Glitch
"Starlight" by Glitch is a nostalgic electro IDM track that combines intricate synthesizer melodies with the ethereal charm of a female vocal. The track invokes a sense of longing and reminiscence through its carefully crafted electronic textures and soothing vocals.
Categories:  electronica / electro

Tension by KVTension by KV
"Tension" by KV is a royalty-free nu-disco track that combines elements such as vibrant synths, a groovy disco beat, and a captivating voice sample. The song exudes a nostalgic atmosphere, evoking a sense of the past while maintaining a modern musical vibe.
Categories:  electronica / electro

Unbound by Ghostrifter OfficialUnbound by Ghostrifter Official
"Unbound" by Ghostrifter is a chill phonk wave track characterized by its laid-back atmosphere and a fusion of soft synths, a trap beat, and rapping vocals. The song exudes a cool and relaxed vibe, blending elements of both phonk and wave genres. The mellow synths create a dreamy ambiance while the trap beat adds a rhythmic groove.
Categories:  electronica / phonk / trap

Dreamtime by EuGenius MusicDreamtime by EuGenius Music
"Dreamtime" by EuGenius Music is a downtempo electronic track characterized by its melancholic atmosphere and slow-paced beat. The song creates a dreamlike ambiance, evoking a sense of introspection and reflection.
Categories:  electronica

Moving On by LiQWYDMoving On by LiQWYD
"Moving On" by LiQWYD is an upbeat electronic pop song characterized by a blend of piano, guitar, a catchy beat, and charming male vocals. The combination of energetic instrumentation and heartfelt vocals creates a positive and optimistic atmosphere, making it a feel-good track that inspires a sense of hope and renewal.
Categories:  electronica / pop

Synesthesia by MAITTRESynesthesia by MAITTRE
"Synesthesia" is an instrumental music that explores the ability to feel the world in different and amazing ways. With a choir inspired by the theme song of "Ori and the Blind Forest", a gentle piano, an electronic drum and other instruments, the music creates an atmosphere of fantasy and enchantment. The verses are more calm and introspective, while the drop is more intense and vibrant, representing the burst of emotions that arises when one discovers a new way of perceiving reality.
Categories:  electronica / fantasy

Lollipop by Roa MusicLollipop by Roa Music
"Lollipop" by Roa is a vibrant and uplifting electronic pop track that exudes a joyful and cheerful atmosphere. The song combines catchy melodies, energetic beats, and lively synth elements to create a sense of positivity and happiness.
Categories:  electronica / pop

Venture by LiQWYDVenture by LiQWYD
"Venture" by LiQWYD is an inspirational deep house track that embodies a sense of adventure and optimism. With its infectious beat and melodic synths, the song invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Passing Time by Purrple CatPassing Time by Purrple Cat
"Passing Time" by Purrple Cat is a mesmerizing chill-hop track that offers a soothing musical journey. The song combines warm Rhodes keys and mellow guitar melodies with a laid-back beat. This fusion creates a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for unwinding and taking a moment to chill.

Bamboo Groove by tubebackrBamboo Groove by tubebackr
"Bamboo Groove" by tubebackr is a relaxing chill-house track that combines tropical-inspired electronic elements with a vocal sample. The song creates a laid-back atmosphere with its smooth beats and melodic synths, evoking a sense of tranquil serenity. It’s the perfect soundtrack for unwinding and enjoying a tropical vibe, making it a delightful addition to any chill-out playlist.
Categories:  electronica / house / chill house

Back Roads In The Afternoon by Justin Allan ArnoldBack Roads In The Afternoon by Justin Allan Arnold
"Back Roads In The Afternoon" is an interesting musical fusion created by Justin Allan Arnold, seamlessly blending two distinct genres: bluegrass and hip-hop. The track begins with the rustic charm of traditional bluegrass, featuring the warm tones of acoustic guitars and the heartfelt twang of strings. As the song progresses, it takes an unexpected twist, introducing a hip-hop beat towards the end.
Categories:  acoustic / hip-hop / rap