Royalty Free Music Additions | Weeks 36, 37 (04.09.2023 - 17.09.2023)

Explore the latest additions to our collection on From soulful melodies to vibrant beats, each track tells a unique story. Let's dive in:

I’ll Be There by Ron Gelinas Chill BeatsI’ll Be There by Ron Gelinas Chill Beats
"I’ll Be There" by Ron Gelinas is a royalty-free sad downtempo instrumental track in the vein of Emancipator, Bonobo, and Tycho. It weaves a tapestry of haunting piano, strings, and acoustic guitar melodies, all underpinned by synthetic background vocals. The composition is further enriched with the addition of hip-hop beats and percussion effects. This emotive track seeks to convey a deep sense of empathy and unwavering dedication, paying homage to the individuals who selflessly assist and support those in need. Through its somber tones and intricate instrumentation, "I’ll Be There" captures the essence of these compassionate souls in a poignant musical narrative.

Empathic Prosperity by Artificial.MusicEmpathic Prosperity by Artificial.Music
"Empathic Prosperity" by Artificial.Music is an interesting instrumental electronic track characterized by its mesmerizing blend of synths and a laid-back beat. One of its distinctive features is the frequent use of key modulations, which imparts a slightly unusual and intriguing atmosphere to the piece. The track creates an immersive and engaging listening experience, offering a unique sonic journey for its audience.
Categories:  electronica / experimental

Urban Rainfall Rhythms by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >Urban Rainfall Rhythms by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >
"Urban Rainfall Rhythms" by < e s c p > is a royalty-free chill-hop track characterized by a jazzy, relaxed vibe. It incorporates elements like lo-fi guitars, smooth Rhodes keys, synths, rain sample, and a breakbeat rhythm. The track also includes a tranquil ambient break in its middle section.

Walking Home by Alex-ProductionsWalking Home by Alex-Productions
"Walking Home" by Alex-Productions is a royalty free gentle and inspirational piano composition that evokes a sense of comfort and encouragement. The music carries a soothing melody, creating a serene atmosphere.
Categories:  piano / romantic

Gaia by GlitchGaia by Glitch
"Gaia" by Glitch is an interesting Chinese jungle music piece. It combines elements like soft synth pads, the traditional guzheng instrument, and a dynamic jungle beat. The fusion of these elements creates a unique auditory experience, blending modern electronic sounds with traditional Chinese musical elements.
Categories:  electronica / asian / chinese

Little Symphony 3 - Mov 1 - Nienor by Justin Allan ArnoldLittle Symphony 3 - Mov 1 - Nienor by Justin Allan Arnold
"Little Symphony 3 - Mov 1 - Nienor" by Justin Allan Arnold is a dark orchestral composition inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. The piece portrays the tragic story of Nienor, who is the ill-fated lover and unknowing sister of Túrin Turambar. The music evokes a somber and melancholic atmosphere, reflecting the sorrow and doom that envelop Nienor’s life.
Categories:  classical / fantasy

Feel by MixaundFeel by Mixaund
"Feel" by Mixaund is a royalty-free inspirational corporate instrumental track characterized by its soothing and easygoing ambiance. The composition prominently features guitar, piano, strings, glockenspiel, and maintains a steady beat throughout. This combination creates a relaxed yet uplifting atmosphere, making it suitable for various corporate and motivational content.
Categories:  corporate / pop

Sunnyville by Alex-ProductionsSunnyville by Alex-Productions
"Sunnyville" by Alex-Productions is a royalty free upbeat and joyful corporate music piece, specially designed for children. It exudes a positive and uplifting atmosphere, combining electronic elements with the warm, inviting tones of acoustic guitar strumming. The composition radiates happiness and brightness, creating a cheerful ambiance that is perfect for fostering a lively and optimistic environment.

Hopes and Dreams by Ethereal 88Hopes and Dreams by Ethereal 88
"Hopes and Dreams" by Ethereal 88 is a royalty free piano composition that exudes a sense of inspiration and dreams. The piece begins with gentle, cascading notes that evoke a feeling of hopefulness. As it progresses, the melody unfolds with a dreamy quality, carrying the listener on a journey of imagination and aspiration.
Categories:  piano / cinematic / romantic

Las Palmas by EuGenius MusicLas Palmas by EuGenius Music
"Las Palmas" by EuGenius Music is a cheerful tropical house track that perfectly captures the essence of a sunny summer day. The song is characterized by its infectious and cheerful melody, accompanied by the use of lively synths.
Categories:  electronica / tropical house

Afternoon by Vlad GluschenkoAfternoon by Vlad Gluschenko
"Afternoon" by Vlad Gluschenko is a beautiful and inspirational pop instrumental track that exudes a soothing and uplifting vibe. The music captivates listeners with its chill and mellow melodies, creating a serene atmosphere that encourages positive reflection.
Categories:  pop / miscellaneous

Tempest by Punch DeckTempest by Punch Deck
"Tempest" by Punch Deck is an electrifying electronic track that exudes a mesmerizing epic vibe. This dynamic composition seamlessly blends a rich array of musical elements, including powerful synths, electric guitar, and emotive piano tones.
Categories:  electronica

Eternity by Roa MusicEternity by Roa Music
Roa’s electronic pop track exudes a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere, characterized by a joyful blend of synths and an energetic EDM beat. The music is a celebration of positivity, radiating a cheerful ambiance that is bound to uplift the listener’s spirits.
Categories:  electronica / pop

i was in love once by Rexlamboi was in love once by Rexlambo
"i was in love once" by Rexlambo is a melancholic chill bass track that evokes a sense of nostalgia and heartbreak. The music carries a somber tone, featuring smooth basslines and haunting melodies that create a sense of longing and reflection.
Categories:  lo-fi / chillstep

After Hours by Purrple CatAfter Hours by Purrple Cat
"After Hours" by Purrple Cat is a calming chill-hop/jazz-hop track characterized by a soothing blend of piano and saxophone melodies. The music creates a relaxed and mellow atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a busy day. The smooth instrumentation and laid-back rhythm contribute to a tranquil listening experience, making it an ideal choice for moments of relaxation and introspection.

Hazy by LimujiiHazy by Limujii
"Hazy" by Limujii is a short, nostalgic chill track that combines gentle guitar melodies with a relaxed beat, soothing synths, and the calming sound of rain. The music creates a mellow atmosphere, evoking a sense of wistfulness and tranquility.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-hop / chill-out

Up And Down by LiQWYDUp And Down by LiQWYD
"Up And Down" by LiQWYD is an uplifting electronic pop track characterized by a lively beat, vibrant EDM synths, and an infectious vocal sample. The song exudes a positive and energetic vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace the highs and lows of life with a spirited attitude. Its dynamic composition and catchy elements make it a feel-good anthem perfect for lifting spirits and spreading positivity.
Categories:  electronica / dance (edm) / pop

soar by Rexlambosoar by Rexlambo
"soar" by Rexlambo is a nostalgic chill bass track characterized by its gentle and soothing elements. The song incorporates soft synths, a laid-back beat, and heartwarming emotional vocals. The combination of these elements creates a relaxing and evocative atmosphere, eliciting a sense of nostalgia.
Categories:  lo-fi / downtempo / trip hop

Crossroads by Purrple CatCrossroads by Purrple Cat
"Crossroads" by Purrple Cat is a laid-back jazz-hop track with a smooth and jazzy atmosphere. It incorporates elements like a soothing saxophone, mellow guitar, and relaxed chords, all set to a chill beat. The song exudes a calm and unhurried vibe, making it perfect for a relaxed listening experience.

Be With You III by GlitchBe With You III by Glitch
"Be With You III" by Glitch is a slow-paced electronic chillout track characterized by its tranquil atmosphere. The song incorporates gentle synth pads and a guitar, creating a soothing and mellow ambiance. The beat maintains a relaxed tempo, contributing to the overall laid-back vibe of the piece.
Categories:  electronica / chill-out

Kaleidoscope by Vlad GluschenkoKaleidoscope by Vlad Gluschenko
"Kaleidoscope" by Vlad Gluschenko is an inspirational folktronica composition that seamlessly blends easy, relaxing moments with small yet powerful and epic sections. The track takes listeners on a dynamic journey, combining soothing elements with bursts of energy, creating an inspirational musical experience.
Categories:  folktronica

Purple Sky by ScandinavianzPurple Sky by Scandinavianz
The track "Purple Sky" by Scandinavianz embodies a relaxing tropical vibe, making it an ideal choice for a laid-back summer poolside ambiance. Its soothing melodies and smooth rhythm create an atmosphere of tranquility and leisure.
Categories:  electronica / chill house

Coast Ride by LiQWYDCoast Ride by LiQWYD
"Coast Ride" by LiQWYD is an uplifting chill house track with a soothing tropical ambiance. The song is characterized by its serene combination of synths and beat, creating a calming atmosphere. It inspires a sense of relaxation and transports the listener to a coastal paradise, making it a perfect choice for unwinding and finding tranquility.
Categories:  electronica / chill house

Run by KVRun by KV
"Run" by KV is a dreamy electronic track characterized by its ethereal melodies and soothing beats. The music creates a sense of floating in a tranquil atmosphere, with gentle synth layers and a subtle, entrancing rhythm.
Categories:  electronica

86 Up by tubebackr & HiLau86 Up by tubebackr & HiLau
"86 Up" by tubebackr & HiLau is a retro electro track that embodies the essence of the retrowave / synthwave genre. The song encapsulates the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1980s with its pulsating beats, nostalgic melodies, and vibrant synthesizers.
Categories:  electronica / electro / synthwave

Feels by Roa MusicFeels by Roa Music
"Feels" by Roa is a delightful and calming piece of chill music that incorporates a soothing blend of piano, marimba, and a laid-back beat. The composition exudes a positive and relaxing atmosphere, making it perfect for unwinding and creating a peaceful ambiance.
Categories:  chill-out

Chugging Along by Purrple CatChugging Along by Purrple Cat
"Chugging Along" by Purrple Cat is a laid-back lo-fi hip-hop track characterized by a soothing blend of piano melodies, a relaxed yet bouncy hip-hop beat, subtle synths, and a touch of guitar. The composition exudes a tranquil and easygoing atmosphere, perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance.
Categories:  lo-fi / hip-hop / rap / chill-hop

in my head by Rexlamboin my head by Rexlambo
"in my head" by Rexlambo is a melancholic lo-fi chill bass track characterized by its slow-paced downtempo rhythm. The song features a prominent voice sample that adds a reflective and introspective element to the music. The chill beat creates a laid-back atmosphere, setting the mood for a contemplative listening experience.
Categories:  lo-fi / downtempo / trip hop