Royalty Free Music Additions | Weeks 41 & 42 (09.10.2023 - 22.10.2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of creative content, the right soundtrack can be the catalyst that elevates your work to new heights. As we step into weeks 41 and 42 of 2023, a fresh array of royalty-free music tracks has emerged, each one a testament to the boundless possibilities of sonic artistry. From high-energy beats to soulful compositions, this handpicked selection promises to be a dynamic addition to your creative toolkit.

Join us as we dive into these latest musical offerings, each track a canvas waiting for your imaginative touch.

Go Hard by Alex-ProductionsGo Hard by Alex-Productions
"Go Hard" by Alex-Productions is an intense, royalty-free trap track exuding high energy and aggression. Its powerful beats and dynamic rhythm make it an ideal choice for workout videos or any content requiring a vibrant and motivating soundtrack. The track’s aggressive tone combined with its energetic composition creates a driving force that can greatly enhance the impact of visual content.
Categories:  electronica / trap

Together by FSM TeamTogether by FSM Team
"Together" is an upbeat and inspiring royalty-free corporate pop track designed to evoke a sense of unity and motivation. The composition includes palm-muted guitar, glockenspiel, piano, strings, and synths, creating a dynamic and engaging musical landscape. With its positive and uplifting vibe, this track is well-suited for various advertising purposes, aiming to convey a message of teamwork and progress.
Categories:  corporate / pop

Swifty Rushing by chillin_wolfSwifty Rushing by chillin_wolf
"Swifty Rushing" is a royalty-free pop beat by chillin_wolf that exudes a laid-back atmosphere inspired by the vibrant city of Tokyo. The track offers a relaxing, yet lively ambiance, capturing the essence of Tokyo’s unique energy and culture.
Categories:  pop

Oh Wow by Alex-ProductionsOh Wow by Alex-Productions
"Oh Wow" by Alex-Productions is a royalty-free hip-hop beat known for its stylish and dynamic vibe. It incorporates a distinctive saxophone element that adds a unique touch. This track is particularly well-suited for fashion-related content, offering a trendy and energetic backdrop for visuals.
Categories:  electronica / hip-hop / rap

Bones by Purrple CatBones by Purrple Cat
"Bones" by Purrple Cat is a haunting Halloween-themed chill-hop track characterized by its unique blend of lo-fi elements. Set in a melancholic 3/4 time signature, it features a combination of piano, theremin, and glockenspiel, creating a somber atmosphere. The music evokes a sense of sadness, perfectly capturing the eerie essence of Halloween.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-hop

Get Going by Alex-ProductionsGet Going by Alex-Productions
"Get Going" by Alex-Productions is a high-energy, royalty-free hip-hop/trap beat designed for dynamic content like sports, gaming, or extreme activities. The track exudes a powerful vibe, making it ideal for advertising purposes. Its pulsating rhythm and vibrant instrumentation create an energetic atmosphere, perfectly complementing visuals that require a strong and engaging musical backdrop.
Categories:  electronica / hip-hop / rap / trap

Cyberfunk by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >Cyberfunk by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >
"Cyberfunk" by < e s c p > is a royalty-free track that seamlessly blends elements of cyberpunk and electro-funk. The song features an infectious bassline that sets a captivating groove, creating a cool and engaging atmosphere. The track’s fusion of futuristic and funk elements makes it an exciting and dynamic piece of music.

A Trip To The Trees by Leonell Cassio ft. CarrieA Trip To The Trees by Leonell Cassio ft. Carrie
"A Trip to the Trees" is a melancholic future bass/pop song by Leonell Cassio and Carrie. The song has a slow-paced rhythm and features lyrics that convey a sense of introspection and connection with nature. The song captures a mood of reflective tranquility and a deep connection to the natural world.
Categories:  future bass / pop / trap

Ghost Party by The Piano SaysGhost Party by The Piano Says
"Ghost Party" by Dani Rosenoer (The Piano Says) is a royalty-free, Halloween-themed track exuding a mischievously spooky vibe. The composition primarily showcases a playful piano melody, evoking a sense of eerie whimsy. The addition of whistling further enhances the light-hearted yet ghostly atmosphere. This track is well-suited for Halloween-themed content, providing a fun and spirited backdrop for various projects or events.
Categories:  cinematic / piano

Burn Up by Alex-ProductionsBurn Up by Alex-Productions
"Burn Up" by Alex-Productions is a royalty-free track characterized by its energetic and powerful fusion of dubstep, future bass, and electro funk elements. The music exudes an aggressive vibe, making it ideal for sporty or workout video content. The track’s dynamic beats and intense rhythm create a high-energy atmosphere, perfect for adding an exhilarating touch to various multimedia projects.

Guardian Angel by Artificial.MusicGuardian Angel by Artificial.Music
"Guardian Angel" by Artificial.Music is a royalty-free track that combines elements of jazz and electronic music. The composition exudes a peculiar and dreamy atmosphere. The music is characterized by its unique blend of jazzy chords and electronic elements, creating an intriguing and otherworldly sonic landscape.
Categories:  electronica / jazzy

Massive Wave by GlitchMassive Wave by Glitch
"Massive Wave" by Glitch is a royalty-free IDM/breakbeat track characterized by a rapid, energetic beat. Despite its brisk tempo, the track evokes a sense of nostalgia. It incorporates voice samples, adding an extra layer of depth to the composition.

Cada Minuto Cuenta (Every Minute Counts) by Justin Allan ArnoldCada Minuto Cuenta (Every Minute Counts) by Justin Allan Arnold
"Cada Minuto Cuenta" is a dynamic one-minute royalty-free Cuban jam, or "descarga Cubana." It features a lively ensemble with acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, piano, and a mandolin standing in for the traditional Cuban tres. The piece exudes high energy and rhythmic intensity, capturing the essence of Cuban music in a condensed yet vibrant musical experience.
Categories:  world music / caribbean / acoustic / jazz

Thessaloniki by ScandinavianzThessaloniki by Scandinavianz
"Thessaloniki" by Scandinavianz is a royalty-free melancholic chill-hop track with a somber atmosphere. The song is characterized by a downbeat mood, incorporating elements such as a poignant piano melody, a hazy synth arpeggio, and a lo-fi beat. These elements work together to create a wistful and reflective ambiance, evoking feelings of sadness and introspection in the listener.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-hop

Rise Above by Scott BuckleyRise Above by Scott Buckley
"Rise Above" by Scott Buckley is an epic orchestral cinematic piece that begins with a tranquil and subdued introduction, gradually building in intensity and emotion. As the music progresses, it steadily escalates in power and complexity, weaving together various orchestral elements to create a grandiose atmosphere. The composition culminates in a climactic and triumphant finale, leaving the listener with a sense of awe and inspiration.
Categories:  cinematic / epic

Keep It by LiQWYDKeep It by LiQWYD
"Keep It" by LiQWYD is a royalty free uplifting tropical house track that opens with cheerful ukulele strumming. The song gradually builds up, incorporating electronic pop elements, creating a joyful and positive atmosphere. The combination of the ukulele and electronic elements results in a lively and feel-good musical experience.
Categories:  electronica / pop / tropical house

Sea Buckthorn Tea by Vlad GluschenkoSea Buckthorn Tea by Vlad Gluschenko
"Sea Buckthorn Tea" by Vlad Gluschenko is a royalty-free inspirational acoustic folk track that exudes a bright and relaxing vibe. The music predominantly features acoustic guitar, creating a soothing atmosphere. It evokes a sense of calm and positivity, making it suitable for a variety of uplifting and feel-good content.
Categories:  folk / acoustic

Reflection by Roa MusicReflection by Roa Music
"Reflection" by Roa is a royalty-free electronic pop music that combines dynamic energy with a touch of introspection and nostalgia. While primarily lively and engaging, it also carries subtle reflective undertones. The track strikes a balance between pulsating beats and moments of contemplation, creating a unique and engaging musical experience.
Categories:  electronica / pop

El Tarantino by Justin Allan ArnoldEl Tarantino by Justin Allan Arnold
"El Tarantino" is a royalty-free jazz composition by Justin Allan Arnold, characterized by a slow tempo and a dark, cinematic atmosphere. The track prominently features instruments like the tenor saxophone, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, and drums. Later in the piece, an alto saxophone joins in, adding depth to the sound. The music evokes a moody, suspenseful ambiance with its deliberate pace and use of various instruments.
Categories:  jazz / blues / cinematic

Pathfinder by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)Pathfinder by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)
"Pathfinder" by Alexander Nakarada is a cinematic fantasy piece characterized by its Celtic influence, blending both relaxation and epic elements. The music evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, with its melodic and rhythmic elements drawing inspiration from Celtic musical traditions. It transports listeners to a fantastical world, where they embark on a journey filled with mystery, beauty, and grandeur.
Categories:  cinematic / fantasy / epic / celtic

A Chill Place by Filo StarquezA Chill Place by Filo Starquez
"A Chill Place" by Filo Starquez is a dreamy and relaxing lo-fi instrumental track that creates a tranquil atmosphere. The music combines gentle piano melodies with soothing synths and a laid-back beat, resulting in a calming ambiance. It evokes a sense of peacefulness and transports listeners to a serene environment, making it perfect for unwinding and creating a tranquil mood.
Categories:  lo-fi / chill-out

Distant Sky by Keys of MoonDistant Sky by Keys of Moon
"Distant Sky" by Keys of Moon is an epic cinematic music piece that combines orchestral elements, primarily strings, with piano and electronic elements. The composition evokes a sense of grandeur and adventure, creating a powerful and immersive atmosphere. The electronic elements infuse a modern and dynamic energy into the composition, creating a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary musical styles.
Categories:  cinematic / epic

I’m Lost Today by chillin_wolfI’m Lost Today by chillin_wolf
"I’m Lost Today" by chillin_wolf is a melancholic lo-fi hip-hop track characterized by a somber atmosphere. The song features a blend of elements including a distorted guitar, a synth bass, and a lo-fi beat. The overall mood conveys a sense of melancholy and introspection, creating an emotionally resonant listening experience.
Categories:  lo-fi / hip-hop / rap

Golden Autumn by Vlad GluschenkoGolden Autumn by Vlad Gluschenko
"Golden Autumn" is a cheerful, royalty-free acoustic folk track by Vlad Gluschenko. The song exudes positivity and warmth, incorporating elements like acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, and hand claps. Its lively and uplifting melody evokes feelings of joy and contentment, making it suitable for a wide range of projects that aim to convey a bright and optimistic atmosphere.
Categories:  acoustic / folk

Relax by LiQWYDRelax by LiQWYD
"Relax" by LiQWYD is an invigorating royalty-free EDM track featuring tropical house elements. It boasts a lively and energetic beat, creating an uplifting ambiance. This song offers a versatile option for content creators seeking vibrant and positive music for their projects.

Calendar by Vlad GluschenkoCalendar by Vlad Gluschenko
"Calendar" by Vlad Gluschenko is a royalty-free instrumental track with a tranquil, romantic ambiance. The composition is characterized by its exclusive use of acoustic guitar, creating a soothing and uplifting atmosphere. Its inspirational quality makes it a fitting choice for a wide range of creative projects seeking a positive and heartfelt musical accompaniment.
Categories:  acoustic / folk / romantic

Acceptance by Numall FixAcceptance by Numall Fix
"Acceptance" by Numall Fix is an uplifting royalty-free drum and bass track characterized by its inspirational atmosphere. The composition combines a lively drum and bass rhythm with elements like a piano and synths, creating a motivational and energetic ambiance. The fast-paced beat drives the momentum, while the piano and synths add a melodic and positive touch to the overall sound. This track is a great choice for projects seeking to convey a sense of empowerment and positivity.

Grim Reaper by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)Grim Reaper by Alexander Nakarada (CreatorChords)
"Grim Reaper" by Alexander Nakarada is a royalty-free Halloween-themed cinematic music track. It showcases a haunting atmosphere through a combination of piano, organ, and eerie background sounds. The composition effectively conveys a chilling and suspenseful ambiance, making it suitable for use in various creative projects that require a foreboding and sinister musical backdrop.
Categories:  cinematic