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   Oly offers the following music licenses:
Creative Commons License

Use the music by crediting Oly in your video description.
See the tracks below.

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If you need help with licenses or how to credit, please contact us and we will send you more information.

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Nettson, Oly & ZayfallNettson, Oly & ZayfallNettson, Oly & Zayfall
This music is free to use only if you credit the artist
   Fantastic electronic pop collaboration between Nettson, Oly & Zayfall. “I’ll Find You” is offered under Creative Commons License — CC BY 3.0  and you can use it for your videos (even monetized) for free if you credit the artists in your video description. MP3 and WAV audio formats are available for free download. The track’s… [ more ]
If you don't want to credit Nettson, Oly & Zayfall, please contact us.

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  The majority of the royalty-free music on this website is released under Creative Commons Licenses (CC-BY). You are free to use the (CC-BY) music (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit the artist in your web project, YouTube or social media video description. You can find more detailed information how to credit the artist in every music / song page. The free music on this website is not a subject to any copyright issues. If you can't or you don't want to credit the artist, you have to buy a license from the artist's website. If you need royalty free background music for your business or everyday life, work and play activities, feel free to use our curated collection of Royalty Free Music Playlists.