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Creative Commons License

Use the music by crediting RYGO in your video description.
See the tracks below.

PRO License

✓ HQ .wav file + Usage License
✓ Music Versions (short, loops, sections)
✓ YouTube + Web uses (no credit required)
✓ Social Media (no credit required)


✓ All from the PRO License
✓ Music on Hold
✓ Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels...
✓ Apps, Video Games, Podcast, Software...
✓ Digital Paid Advertising


✓ All from the BUSINESS License
✓ Broadcast
✓ TV, Radio, Movies

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This music is free to use only if you credit the artist
   The royalty-free EDM track "Breathe" by RYGO is an energetic and uplifting composition. It follows the typical EDM structure with a lively, bouncy beat throughout. The track features a break in the middle that builds up anticipation, leading to an exhilarating and energetic conclusion.
If you don't want to credit RYGO, you have to buy a license.

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