Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the music on royalty free? Can I monetize my videos?

Yes. The music on is royalty free. You can use it in your monetized or non-monetized videos (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo). Just credit the artist in your video description.

Is the music on free?

Yes, the music is free. However, there are some tracks that are free only for non-commercial usage. Please, read the track's description for more info.

Is a subscription website?

No. We do not have any subsciptions.

I can't credit the artist and I need a license for the downloaded music.

For some of the music tracks we provide a Buy License button. If a particular track doesn't have a Buy License button, please contact the author of the music. All artists featured on the website can be contacted via Soundcloud or their own websites.

I can't find the downloaded music file.

Below are some instructions that will help you to find your downloaded music track. Please note this does not apply to tablets or smart phones.

Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge: Downloads usually appear inside your browser at the top right of the page

Where is the Download? The actual location of the downloaded file depend on how your system is configured, but generally by default Apple and Windows always download files into the Downloads folder on your computer.

Can I use the music from for my game / application / audiobook / podcast?

For games, apps, audiobooks or podcasts we advise you to contact the music authors and ask them personally. Some artists allow it, if credited, while others require buying a license. All authors featured on the website can be contacted via Soundcloud or their own websites.

Can I monetize my videos on YouTube?

Yes. Most of the music tracks on are released with Creative Commons License (for commercial usage). You can monetize your videos (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo) as long as you credit the artist in your video description.

Can I use the music on for my own musical work and to release it on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Dezzer etc.?

Absolutely not. You are not allowed to use the music tracks on as a background music for your own musical work. Uploading or distributing the music tracks under your own [ Music Artist Name ] to Music Streaming Services and Platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or YouTube Music is strictly forbidden.

How to put the artist credits correctly?

There is a credit text exmaple on every track's page on Just copy the text and paste it in your video description or in your credits section.

Where to put the credits? In the video itself or in the video description?

To avoid copyright claims, please put the credits in the video description. The bots can check the credits only as text in the video description.

If I use many music tracks in one video, can I shorten the credits?

Yes. You can rearange the credits but please do mind that the author's name, the author's link, the music title and the license must appear in the credits.

I received a copyright claim. What to do?

There are two most common reasons for a copyright claim when using a music track from

1) you did't credit the artist
2) someone had stolen the music and distributed it via neglectful label or distributor.

In these cases, please, contact us and we will help you to release the copyright claim.

If I add my music on, do I keep the authorship rights?

Yes. We are just promoting the music. No contracts. You keep the authorship rights for your music.