Good Old Days
Good Old Days
Joakim Karud
Joakim Karud
⚠ This music track has been removed from the website.
  You are free to use  Good Old Days  music track in your videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. You can even monetize your videos on Youtube. By using Joakim Karud’s music you agree on these terms:

- You cannot claim the music as yours
- You must credit Joakim Karud when using his music
- All other use of his music, outside of Youtube, Facebook or Instagram require a special permission or license from Joakim Karud
- The music will always remain sole property of Joakim Karud

When You Fall In Love In The Summer
When You Fall In Love In The Summer
by FSM Team feat. < e s c p >
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   Good Old Days  |  Track details

   Track description:  Lovely dreamy R&B music by Joakim Karud. The music is released under Non-Commercial Use License. You can use it for free in your non monetized videos if you credit Joakim Karud  in your video description. The track’s tempo is 89 BPM and the duration is 04:03.

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